At Fox we don't just look for the simplest most cost-effective way to cultivate a product. Our commitment to sustainability as well growing the cleanest and healthiest plants producing the most vibrant aromatic flower proliferates through all our decisions.

Grow Medium

Our plants are rooted in an OMRI (organically certified) listed soil that is filled with a revolutionary mix of high quality ingredients, which results in a living soil. These ingredients work together to promote vigorous roots and giant blooms, organically. The patent-pending formula blends ingredients like aged compost, which encourages microbial activity that allows the roots to form symbiotic relationships with the organisms in their environment.

It also provides a stable and predictable soil pH level from start to finish. This ensures that nutrients are consistently available to the plants.


IPM - Integrated Pest Management


We are very serious about our Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This allows us to spray our plants as little as possible. We concentrate our efforts on prevention in our vegetative room because young healthy plants are much more likely to resist pests throughout the flower cycle. This allows us to avoid spraying during bloom. Our IPM at Fox is a coordinated decision-making and action implementation process that uses the most appropriate pest control methods and strategy in an environmentally sound manner following all LCB guidelines. By taking into account the modality and life cycle of the pest and using the most effective and innovative methods, we are able to keep pesticide use to a minimum.

When the time does come to spray we use a DRAMM Coldfogger which is a low-volume applicator. The low-volume ensures minimal run off of pesticides and a much more even coverage of spraying allowing for more effective mitigation of pests. This means we can solve pest problems in a shorter amount of time with less sprays. Our fogger does this by reducing the spray plume from the nozzle. In regular sprayers the droplets from the nozzle will be anywhere from a 100-400 micron diameter and our Coldfogger can reduce that diameter to 30-60 microns, meaning we actually use less volume of pesticides.


When deciding on what pest prevention sprays to use, we always ask two very important questions:

Does it work?
Will we be able to rest easy knowing our community, family members, friends, and coworkers will be ingesting flower grown with the use of these products?

  • Clonex - Rooting gel
  • Procidic - Broad spectrum fungicide - Organic
  • SuffOil-X - Broad spectrum insecticide - Organic
Pesticide 1
Pesticide 3
Pesticide 2



WARNING: This product may be habit forming. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana. Smoking is hazardous to your health.

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